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Sorting out your grades can be a real head-scratcher. Teachers use percentages, credits, and tricky weighing systems. But guess what? I've got a cool grade calculator that makes it super easy! You can easily track your academic performance with our Master Grade Calculator.

Picture this: you can see how you're doing in your classes at any time during the school year. No need to stress about complicated math or figuring out how much each assignment counts.

The master grade calculator is a free online tool. It helps students calculate their grades. Students should enter assignment details, weights, and grades. This will help them to find out final grades according to their academic standards. Our calculator does all the hard work, so you always know if you're doing great or if you need to hit the books.


What is a Master Grade System?

If you are a student doing a master's in the UK, you know the grading system for a master's is different from undergraduate. The Master's degree grading system uses four classifications. They are distinction, merit, pass, and fail/borderline pass. These are shown in the table below.

Master Grading Table

Percentage Masters Degree Grade
70%+ Distinction
60-69% Merit
50-59% Pass
40-49%  Fail/borderline pass


Benefits of Using a Master-Grade Calculator?

This awesome calculator isn't just for show. It's like having a personal assistant for your grades. Here's how it helps:


How to use Master Grade Calculator?

Our user-friendly module GPA calculator is a breeze to use – everyone can tackle it with ease. Just follow these simple steps to unleash the power of your grades:

Step 1:

Get Ready to star? Please enter your subject names, grades, and weights into the calculator. It's your academic canvas – let's depict your success!

Step 2:

Want to add more subjects, click on the "+" icon button. Find out the exact academic growth.

Step 3:

Once enter all the fields, click on "Calculate" to get your exact grade as per academic guidelines.

Our Master Grade Calculator makes turning grades into art a piece of cake. Try it out and let your GPA shine!

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